Our Journey

We believe in access to information and access to justice

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Our mission & vision

Our mission is to make legal information accessible. It is often too complicated for legal professionals to access legal information - particularly from multiple sources and multiple jurisdictions. We are changing that, and we are building tools and technology to transform how practitioners engage with courts systems and legal information generally.

But we’re not just making it more accessible - we are turning legal information into data. This means we can bring new ways to filter legal information and bring new insights to the thousands of judgments, court filings and regulatory decisions being issued globally every day.

Our Team

We are a remote first team working around the world to bring you the best possible experience. All our team love challenges and we think innovation with a human touch is the best way to make your day-to-day more efficient.

We also collaborate with external consultants, mentors and lot of lawyers to have a more complete perspective of the law community.

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Gavin Sheridan


Gavin Sheridan is the co-founder and CEO at Vizlegal. Previously he worked as Director of Innovation at social media intelligence company Storyful. He got into law via a lengthy court case involving statutory interpretation. He has one cat.
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José Alberto Suárez López


José Alberto Suárez López is the co-founder and CTO at Vizlegal. He also previously worked at Storyful, and Fintech firm Future Finance. He loves tech, scalability, new ideas, data and build things. He also has one cat.

David Hunt


David Hunt is the founder and Chief Strategy Office at Cainthus. David started his career as a corporate banker but had long been fascinated by the opportunities to exploit emerging technology in various agricultural areas, so in 2015 co-founded Cainthus. As a startup founder, David has led many different initiatives pivotal to building the company to where it is today. He now leads the company’s strategic focus. Prior to founding Cainthus, David was Managing Director of Comex McKinnon, Ireland’s largest grain trading company. David is on the faculty of Singularity University, specialising in the future of food. David has provided consultancy for the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the United States Department of Energy on sustainable agriculture and the European Union Agriculture and Rural Development Cabinet on agricultural legislation and entrepreneurship. He is also an accomplished public speaker, chiefly discussing the intersection of technology and agriculture.