The Bar of Ireland

Nuala Byrne, Director of Library & Information Services

bar of ireland

“An important practice management tool for hundreds of barristers”

“Accurate”, “comprehensive” and “reliable” are terms members of The Bar of Ireland use to describe Vizlegal. Vizlegal dovetails perfectly with our commitment to provide a Library & Information Service of excellence to our members, saving them time and placing at their fingertips the information they need to run their practice.

The alerts functionality has been singled out for particular praise, making it easy to keep track of specific cases, from filings, to court dates, through to full-text judgments, all in real time. As such it has become an important practice management tool for hundreds of barristers.

Our service has constantly sought to distil and make more accessible relevant information for our members, particularly information provided by government and state bodies, such as the Courts Service, the Labour Court and the Workplace Relations Commission. Vizlegal is the resource that provides the solution in a single, easy-to-use package.