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Vizlegal keeps us on top of key court information

As a new publication focussed on depth and breath, The Currency needs key information from the legal sector. Vizlegal contains important litigation data, judgments and other legal information to help us both research our stories and to keep on top of new developments.

In one of our stories we mapped the caseload of Ireland’s top firms using Vizlegal data, bringing key insights to our readers. We also use Vizlegal to get alerted on new litigation being filed in the Irish High Court.

For other stories we use Vizlegal to research - digging into the key judgments related to business and industries our journalists are investigating.

A key advantage for us is that Vizlegal keeps growing - since we subscibed we have already seen vast amounts of Irish and UK employment decisions added, related to thousands of companies. And we know that more data is coming related to more jurisdications, broadening our ability to research and track legal data.