Improve formatting of the Legal Diary

Make the Legal Diary more readable and link to relevant High Court Records and Judge Profiles

You don’t need a Vizlegal account to use this tool (but it’s recommended).


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Why did we do it?

Irish Legal Diary lists are difficult to read or to quickly find the information we need. They also lack links to relevant content. With this small tool we have improved the official High Court Legal Diary in Ireland by making it easier to read, and we also link to relevent Irish High Court Records and Irish Judge profiles.

Are you doing any tracking?

For this tool we track if a link is clicked and it brought you to the Vizlegal application from the courts website - but we don’t collect any other information (we are curious to see if this is as useful as we hope and counting clicks helps us understand better!).

Obviously if you’re not already a Vizlegal customer we do hope you may become one by being able to use this nifty tool and seamlessly jump between the legal diary and the High Court Record (or a judge profile), along with tracking your cases and your court calendar.