At Vizlegal, we provide popular tools for litigation practitioners

Case tracking

Vizlegal customers can quickly search across the entire High Court Record system. Any Irish High Court case can also be tracked for new filings, listings or orders. All of this is easily available on desktop, mobile or tablet. Court judgments can also be tracked for keywords and phrases through email alerts.

Automated diaries

Vizlegal has automated the High Court calendar for every law firm in Ireland - making it easier for you to keep on top of court dates. We send daily reminders giving you and your team your High Court dates months into the future. All Circuit Court Diaries are searchable and easy to print, read and save.

Consolidated Rules and Practice Directions

Vizlegal offers a consolidated and user-friendly list of all Court Rules and Practice Directions. These are clean and easy to read, print and save and are constantly updated. Vizlegal customers get notified of any changes to rules or practice directions.